Our Story


As a new mum, our founder Kristi was deeply concerned to find so many skincare products out there claiming to be something they were not. Words like ‘organic’ and ‘100% natural’ and ‘kid-safe’ were being tossed around far too loosely, despite the products containing hidden nasties and only a small percentage of natural ingredients.

She was confused. And she knew other mums out there were too.

So she set out to find simple, effective and safe solutions, that were good for her whole family to use. It was a no brainer. Simply develop GOOD stuff. To reduce (not add to!) the sheer volume of products collecting dust at the back of her bathroom cabinet and filling up her beach bag. Good stuff that can be used every day, by everyone. Good for our skin and good for the environment. A range of effective products to uncomplicate our lives.

And so Happy Hours Skin was born.

Today, Happy Hours Skin is here to give you one less thing to worry about. To be by your side through the best moments in your day.
To simply make your skin happy.